3 main steps to stay innovative & “out-of-box” in your business domain

📦 How to learn out-of-box way of thinking when people are raised based on in-box education and constraints? I’m always impressed to see people who set the new world records or invent innovations. The current world is so much full of variety that sometimes it becomes hard to process as well as it becomes more difficult to innovate.

👓 In the same time, the ones who do move the achievements evolution forward often follow the following steps:

1) Constant learning and practicing. It sounds so obvious and logical that might even seem boring, but it is the basis to master any skill at professional level.

2) Follow your true passion. Most of the innovators work on things they are passionate about.

3) Set the correct goals & make a good plan. Without clear vision it is impossible to move far forward, especially in innovations area.

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