Is Employee Performance Review (EPR) useful?

26 of March 2021

Recently, I was involved into interesting discussion regarding team management. Many of us experience EPR (Employee Performance Review) process regularly, where we get a feedback regarding our productivity, new KPIs and goals. The interesting fact I noticed about it is that usually such EPR processes aims to standardize all employees to a single benchmark / type ( i.e. a role model of a perfect employee in the considered business area). For example, if you are shy or a silent person- you might get an advice to become more proactive and initiative. Whereas, in case you are too proactive and initiative – you might get an advise to become more focused on concrete tasks, let other colleagues to express their opinions, learn how to listen etc. In other words, often all team members are expected to become a single benchmark type of specialist who should be a perfect match for considered team.

Does it really make sense? Do we do EPRs just because we have to define some/any progress road for an employee development? Do we really want to standardize employees to a single benchmark/type?

In my 16 years of work experience I did not see examples of changed employees’ personality. I mean, I’ve never seen a shy introvert person to turn into a super proactive initiative extrovert because of EPR. Honestly, I don’t think such transformation is even possible. People can adjust their psychological profiles slightly, but barely they can shift them significantly from what was already established in childhood.

In the same time, each team should rather benefit from diversity of its specialists than trying to change them according to a single benchmark/type. What EPR should really provide besides the personal development and team goals is a key or a way of how to strengthen the cooperation between employees within a team. In other words, simply try to focus EPR not on changing personalities of employees but on strengthen the cooperation between them.

It’s a variety of expertise what makes a team stronger. Otherwise, individuals would reach a higher productivity than the entire team (what barely happens). The appropriately constructed teams often show the higher productivity.

In we combine specialists with different expertise areas. The fundament of our team is based on strong knowledge, experience, trust and result orientation. We believe that each individual contributes a unique set of skills into strength of the entire team. That’s why, together we cover Front-to-Back SimCorp Dimension system, and are always glad to provide our clients with high quality consultancy services.

Construct teams smartly, and don’t forget what makes team strong.

Best regards,

Sergii Oliinyk

🌏 SimCorp Dimension Business Analyst & Project Manager