How to decide if & when to upgrade SimCorp Dimension modules?

27 of October 2021

🧊 SimCorp Dimension is a complex system, which is able to manage Front-To-Back the most challenging investment processes. It has an incredible variety of instruments, that in experience hands can literary move your effectiveness and productivity in business operations to the next level.

📐 Working as a consultant or developer of Dimension software, each of us face the moments when a choice regarding the optimal solution for particular case has to be made. On one hand, having a sport car in a garage does not always mean we should drive 300 km/h. On the other hand, a technological masterpiece almost invokes us to become aware of all possibilities it has. Any software follows the technological evolution, and SimCorp Dimension is not an exception here: with appearance of Software-as-a-Service, machine learning and even first Dimension Performance Measurement module, constructed completely in a cloud – a conclusion seems obvious: the upgrades will arrive on a regular basis, and they ensure that the speed and quality of our business operations is in line with a reality.

💡 Dimension-wise, the clients usually wonder when the new modules should be taken on board. That’s not only about implementing new modules, but often might also be about replacing the existing ones. Some of us might think there is no even a dilemma here. However, I did face the cases when using the latest or the most enhanced features added a smaller than expected value to the clients operations and sometimes even caused the issues there.

✈️ Therefore, I always recommend the clients to consider Dimension system as a cockpit in the aircraft: the fact that it has different modules on the mode control panel doesn’t mean they all have to be upgraded or activated. A deep understanding of how Dimension modules function precisely as well as how they interact with each other within your current environment is a key to successful result.

👴 Therefore, in order to upgrade Dimension modules or use the new functionalities my advise would be, first, to make an analysis of the features and possibilities those modules provide. Then, map them to the process you wish to automate & integrate in Dimension. And only afterwards, take a decision which module or instrument would be the optimal one to proceed, based on your goal. Just like a dancer finds a balance in a dance, where every move should have a reason and purpose – you could treat Dimension possibilities in the same way, choosing the right ones wisely.

👓 In case you experience a “mission impossible” or the challenges in Dimension, where an opinion of specialists play a key role for your decision making process – don’t hesitate to send me a message or contact – we will be more than glad to share with you our experience, and support you in finding the optimal solution for your particular situation.