Our team of SimCorp Dimension specialists provides the regular support and development services in the following Dimension areas:

Front Office & Compliance

Asset Manager, Compliance Manager (including limits on AIFMD), Order Manager, Limit Monitor, Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Workbench, Position Analysis, Rebalancing, Trade Manager, Margin Manager

Data Management / Instruments valuation/ Reporting

Instruments (including ETD & OTC derivatives) pricing, data import & export (Data Extractors, Data format setups, SQL, Crystal reports, message queues), key rate durations, DV01, spread duration, modified & option-adjusted duration, yield curves (including UFR, EONIA, OIS, ESTR, EURIBOR, LIBOR valuation), exposure (including ESMA conventions), price checks, market data validations, market data scenarios

Market Risk Management

Risk Manager, Risk Measurement, Risk Factor Scenarios, Covariance manager, Risk factor manager, Equity return manager, VaR models: Parametric, Historical, Monte-Carlo, Delta Normal, Delta Gamma, Ex-Ante key ratios, Expected shortfalls and upsides

Performance Management

Model portfolios, Investment structure, Strategic Asset Allocation and Mandate (SAAM), Performance calculation, Performance Measurement, Benchmarks/Index valuations, key ratios (TWR, TE)

Transaction settlement & reconciliation

General reconciliation, transaction STP flow


Constructing analytics within formulas for Asset Manager, Compliance Manager, Portfolio Calculations, Data Format Setup, Data Extractor, Portfolio Manager, User Defined Key Ratios

Look Through data import/export/analysis

Setting up the fund decomposition profiles, analyzing the weighting methods, pricing, residuals, fund components (including derivatives) valuation: pricing, exposure, durations

Professional services

Testing the upgrades and patches, accelerating system performance speed (load balancing, formulas, reports), customer support: analyzing and reproducing calculation of SimCorp Dimension key ratios in Excel, answering questions regarding setup algorithms and best practice, constructing the requirement specifications for implementation of new solutions, knowledge sharing and presentations


Analyze what part of business operations your company still does manually/outside of Dimension. Design & implement the automation solution. Measure the STP (Straight-Through-the-Process) rate before/after automation

Sergii Oliinyk

Team Leader

Unitso SimCorp Dimension service center

🧊 WHAT WE DO: Unitso Dimension service center team supports the top tier asset management companies worldwide regarding SimCorp Dimension investment management system. We provide a full range of Dimension services online: project development, maintenance, professional services, concepts audit, consulting, knowledge sharing and client position argumentation

1. Safety: we operate only in Development & Test Dimension installations so that you keep a full control of Production
2. Effectiveness: our team uses the optimal development approach: Development -> Developer test -> UAT test -> Configuration transport + Documentation for Prod
3. Budget: monthly Unitso subscriptions for Dimension service let you plan your budgets and workload smoothly, receiving the required support on time
4. Value: within your budget we provide you with an access to the entire Unitso Dimension team rather than a single consultant

🚀 THE RESULT: Your business operations get automated, what saves your resources and time, providing the unprecedented competitive advantages. Your specialists get the valuable Dimension knowledge so that your business model becomes more independent, ensuring the fast and high quality responds to nowadays challenges.

👓 WHY IT WORKS: Our team consists of certified SimCorp Dimension specialists with more than 16 years of experience in Dimension software development, quality assurance, international clients support, professional services and consultancy. We possess the MSc in Mathematics and Banking to provide you with the highest quality analysis of scientific level. Our work experience from SimCorp ensures the practical skills to solve your business operations issues fast and effectively.
We are a team of Dimension developers, and have an experience working with it from inside.

📚 KNOWLEDGE SHARING: In Unitso group we regularly share the knowledge about SimCorp Dimension functionality. Feel free to benefit from it in your projects: https://lnkd.in/dR-9mF8